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New Blog

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

This site has been dormant for some time.  I have been putting my energy and attention into a new project, which can be viewed here:


Last Five Years

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ya, it’s been a while.  I find my creative drive comes and goes.   A lot of what was posted is years of evidence of my creative drive being turned on and off.  I guess it’s those off moments you have to push through in order to allow art to become a full time career, talent, hobby or whatever you want it to be.  It seems the inspiration is what gets turned on and off.  Sometimes I find I am really inspired and other times I am not.
Recently I watched a Ted Talk by a woman named Brene Brown.  I had never seen a Ted Talk before or heard of Brene Brown; however, this talk was truly inspiring and revealed to me all kinds of pieces about myself that I didn’t know needed attention.  If you are wanting to know what I’m talking about I recommend checking out the following links:

If you aren’t wanting to pursue these I can sum it up with in saying that vulnerability is the birth place of creativity, among other things.  Perhaps it’s time I worked on unlocking this to unlock more of my creativity and inspiration.

Last night I had a moment of vulnerability with some friends as the topic of my last five years came up.  I was reminiscing my camp days and how long ago they were, which then lead to thinking about how much of my life has gone by since then and how I feel I have accomplished very little.  Turns out I have really good friends and they spent the next while telling me all I had accomplished and assuring me of my great future, whatever it looks like.

I went home feeling unwell today and couldn’t get the previous nights conversation out of my mind.  Considering I had recently been vulnerable I guess I had the inspiration to be creative.  Something I have always wanted to do, due to a friend that inspired me from my camp days – ironically – is turn myself into a cartoon.  My friend who did this would constantly draw himself doing different things or would draw himself with extreme expressions.   Usually, the drawing of himself would express what he was feeling inside, just in ways he wasn’t allowed to express outside.  For instance, he would draw himself lighting off some TNT… you get the picture.  I always thought this was such a great way to let off steam or have a constant creative outlet.

Today I drew myself as a cartoon and let me tell you, it was way easier than drawing a realistic photo of myself, which I have blogged about before.  I seemed pretty lonely on the page all by myself, so I drew representations of things I have accomplished within the last five years:

I wont go into all the explanations of what it all means, but those who know me will get it.  More importantly, I get it.  I am hoping the next time I do this particular project the page will be a lot fuller!  Here is to the next five years:





Writers Block

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

You might think that writers block only applies to writers.. It doesn’t.  I applies to artists too.

I go through phases where I can’t put my sketchbook down.  Then I go through phases where I attempt to draw something and it looks like Picasso drew it.  Maybe that’s how Picasso got his start.  Perhaps he was an incredible life-drawing artist, then hit a roadblock, but he had a deadline for an exhibit and just kept going.  I can’t do that.  I just get frustrated.

I am in a roadblock.  Allison, I attempted to draw you, twice and both failed.  I am still attempting.

If you are an artist how do you get through these blocks??

Want Me To Draw You?!?

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok, so I keep looking at the drawings I have left to post and I’m not too crazy about a lot of them.  Don’t get me wrong, they will make it up eventually, but I would love to post some more recent stuff.  Seeing how my most recent drawing is of a monkey I thought I would bring the sophistication level up a bit.


Here you go, no drawing post today, BUT have you been looking at my art and thinking, “Man, I wish my face would appear on the internet in pencil or pen form”.  Wish no longer.  If you would like me to sketch a picture of your choosing please post a link to your photo in the comments below!


Now, I am only one person and each drawing can take me upwards of an hour or two.  This being said, I will only be choosing ONE photo to start with, so pick a good one.  If I fancy a few others I may expand and depending on how this goes I will be doing it again!


Thanks for participating… if you choose to.