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Something Different

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Paintings, Portraits

So here is my biggest Craig so far.  It’s 3′-4′ and took me a month to do.  This is the most recent piece of art I have, started mid-December and finished drying out last week.

To give you a view of it’s size, here it is hung above my bed.

I have wanted a large painting above my bed for some time now.  I have spent a number of moments in stores looking for the right piece.  I found two I liked in December, one was a smaller canvas with a fade of purple on it.  That was all.  The second had a variety of colours in the background all fading into each other with a dancer sketched on top.  Right then I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just put the two together and create it myself.  So I did.

The purple fade was easy, but it took a lot of nerve to paint the woman.  I searched on Google until I found a picture I liked then sketched it in my sketch book about 5 times before I felt like I was getting it right.  You see, I have never really been a good painter, especially of people.  You may laugh when reading this and viewing the above, but it’s true.

You might remember a post a while ago about listening to music while doing art.  I took this very seriously while creating this piece and listened to the following during it’s creation:

I truly believe that music aids in the creating of art.  If you get your mind in the right space before approaching a project you will find the mood behind the art will come easier to you.  I encourage you to listen to the clip above and view the painting again.  My roommate loved watching the progress of this painting, though she didn’t cry when I finished… like I did.  However, I did get her to listen to this song and then view the painting again.  She cried.