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I’ve talked before about how it’s widely ‘known’ that hands are the hardest thing to draw.  I commented saying I believed animated hands or cartoon hands are indeed hard, but when it comes to sketching a picture of real life hands they are a lot easier than you think.

I understand that all artists may struggle with something, so hands may not be your favorite thing in pencil form.  I personally find the nose, mouth and teeth very hard to draw.  Teeth in particular.  In a photo each tooth is easily defined and seen.  If you try and draw it that way it will look like their teeth are rotting out.  This is no good.  For the longest time I would only draw a picture of someone if their mouth was closed, or open without the teeth being visible.  As you can imagine, this limited my options.

Recently I picked a photograph to draw for the simple fact that her mouth was wide open.  I was also told by a friend that I only seemed to draw pictures of really pretty people.  She challenged me to pick pictures of odd looking people or people pulling strange faces.  Not saying this person is ugly, but they did meet two of my criteria for something I was missing in my sketch book.

I’m not the biggest fan of this drawing to be honest.  It’s kinda weird looking, but it’s not always about the looks.  Sometimes it’s about challenging yourself to draw something you don’t normally.


Hide and Seek

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Hands, Pen Sketches

I think it’s getting harder to match my drawings to my current thoughts.  I was saying to my roommate today that I hope to get to the place with this blog where I have an interesting thought and have to draw something to match it, just so I can post it later.  This would also be a good challenge for my skills as well as provide subjects in which I can sketch.

Seeing how this is not quite where we are at, here is a drawing from my pen sketch book:

I can never tell if this child is hiding in way of a game or secret, or if they are hiding in fear.  I think it changes every time I look at it.  Today it seems like this child is hiding from something.  Perhaps something within themselves they do not wish exposed.  If you hide from it it’s almost as if it’s not there or not happening.  When a baby covers their face for a game of hide and seek the whole world disappears to them.  If they cannot see you, they themselves must be invisible.

You could also look at this picture as a child who has been told to cover their eyes, as they are about to receive a gift!  Children being children will often peek through their fingers, thinking of course as long as the symbol (their hands) are in front of their face the illusion of surprise will still be there.

Something in this pictures eyes that tells me it’s more the former than the latter.  It’s funny how a simple child’s game of hide and seek is often played on a larger and more strategic scale by adults.  Hiding aspects of ourselves, believing them to be invisible to those around us.  It is said the greatest wish of most humans is to be known.  How can we accomplish this if no one is willing to start.

I was speaking with friends the other day about how fun it would be to assume a different identity when moving to another city.  You could create a whole back-story, accent, family, anything you wanted, just to see how long it would take for those around you to see though it.  You read this and think how deceitful that is.  How many people are making up cover stories for the things going on inside?  How long have you believed the stories from people you love?

Before any of my family members have a stroke and think I’m talking about some dramatic thing going on in my life, I’m not.  Though no one is really the exception to this.  We all do it.  Big or small.  The real question is are you going to let the stories go until someone breaks it, or will you come clean yourself?

Do you just want to know, or be known?

Hands are the Hardest

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Hands, Pen Sketches

It is said among artists that hands are the hardest thing to draw.  This is true when you are discussing illustration or cartooning; it is certainly not true when it comes to life drawing. At least this is how it is for me.  I actually find hands the easiest thing to draw.  Think about it, the whole hand is broken down into links of squares.  You also have two hands right in front of you for reference.  When I drew the picture of Charlie Chaplin he was not around for quick life-like references.

Hands always have to be doing something when I draw them.  I can’t just draw hands for the sake of practicing, like I could a face.  If a hand is lifeless in a picture my real hand wont want to draw it.  Usually I find when I draw a hand I have to feel like my hand wants to do the same thing.  I can connect with the picture this way.  Maybe this is why it is easier for me to draw hands.  It’s as if when I draw the hand playing guitar, my hand feels like it’s playing guitar too!

This drawing was one of the first in my sketch book dedicated to pen drawings:

I drew this while I helped out with a city election when I was 20.  The woman who I was working with that day was of the elderly type, as most who help with elections are.  She commented throughout our long day how talented I was.  Sometimes I don’t know what to say to people who comment on this.  Obviously it is a high complement and one I love hearing, but it’s hard to know where to take it.

Often I feel like drawing is the one art that wont really take you anywhere.  This of course sounds ridiculous to anyone who knows me, as I work for one of the most creative studios in the world – No I don’t work there as an artist.  I guess I more look at drawing as ‘the starving artist’ form of art, or those summer time street artists I mentioned before.  It’s not like it was before the days of the camera.  Those who could draw then were relied on for capturing moments, faces, memories and royalty.  Now a days if you want to capture something you break out your SLR you don’t actually know how to use, but was recommended to you by a friend as a great camera or you grab your smart-phone and the job is done.  Captured.  For life.

I feel drawing is more looked at as, ‘Awe, that’s nice’.  Just as you think when you walk past those street artists.  Unless you have top knowledge of the next program allowing you to draw in the technical age, there aren’t many places you can go with it.  I love the simplicity of carrying my sketch book and pencils.  As we move to a more saturated technical age there just isn’t room for a sketch book full of drawings.  Unless of course it is on a blog.