Music to My Ears

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Pencil Sketches, Portraits

I know some very creative and talented people!  Most of these people are talented musically.  I have been to more band shows than I could count.  I even have a playlist on my iPhone titled ‘Friends’.  I usually listen to this when I’m away from home, as it reminds me of the amazing community I have to come back to.

One of the first bands I remember not only supporting, but really loving their music (you go to a lot of concerts at the request of friends, but don’t always enjoy the music) is Treelight Room.  Treelight Room only lasted a couple of years and released one album, which I still listen to these days.  Still love it.  Though Treelight Room is no longer together the members of these bands have moved onto other bands that are still just as good and better!

Treelight Room was made up of three people, two guys and a girl.  The girl is Jocelyn and I knew here during her years before bands when she use to quietly play a piano at a camp we worked at together.  I remember sneaking in on her and requesting quite profusely for her to play me just one little song.  Loved those days.

This is Jocelyn.  This is also one of the first portrait drawings I did of someone I knew.  It’s pretty smudged, as it’s been around a while, but when I look at it I can hear the beautiful music Jocelyn is capable of creating!  It’s good to have reminders in your life of the people around you.

Jocelyn is now touring with the Jordan Klassen Band and is just as talented as ever.  In case you were curious, the two boys from Treelight Room are now apart of a band called Nuuka and will be releasing their first album in early September!  I am very excited to purchase this album and add it to my Friends playlist!


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