Posted: July 19, 2012 in Pencil Sketches, Portraits

I have been working with youth and mentoring youth for roughly ten years.  This year the last of the youth I have chosen to be committed to are graduating, or should I say graduated.  It has been an incredible season of my life.  Years of volunteer work.  I have loved doing this and having it be apart of my life.  Though I have stepped back in many ways I am still committed to my girls when they need me.

Volunteering has been such a huge aspect of my life and this year I am receiving an earthly reward for it all.  In three weeks I will be heading on a trip to Kenya to volunteer my time with and organization that has been investing in the community for years!  The best part is that the whole trip is being paid for – it’s a gift.

Life is full of amazing seasons.  Some are bad, some are good, some are harder than others and some you just embrace with both hands.  It does feel that one season of my life is ending and a new one beginning and I am ready to embrace it!

I’m graduating!

– Photo of Jasmine.  One of the girls I am committing my love and time to, whenever she needs it!





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